Gandhi Nivas was the guest house ment for ganhiji when ever he visited dbhps .
As a founder president his last visit to the Sabha was in the year 1946 and he stayed for ten days from 21.01.1946 t031.01.1946 during this period he precised over the silver jublie celebration of the the Sabha and the annual conversation of the Sabha .

During his stay, the British parliamentary commits met gandhiji and held discussions at this house.
Several Indian national congress leaders.


The chair on display is the chair used by
Mahatma Gandhi when he visited Thalappudi,Andhra Pradesh, on 26.12.1933.The Chair belonged to the family of Sri Gokavarapu Rajarao.

Gandhiji used the chair to address the people.The family has kept the chair as an object of reverence, ever since it was used by Mahatma Gandhi. The chair was donated of the family to the Gandhi Nivas.


The Carpentry Unit of Takkar Baba Vidyalaya, Chennai, specially made a cot for the use of Gandhiji, during his stay at the Sabha in the year 1946. The original cot is available at Takkar Baba Vidyalaya and on display even today. The cot here is the react replica of that cot.